Unsolicited Advice

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Giving Advice

There is an art to giving and receiving information. Many people only accept well-meaning advice from trusted individuals. Others are desperate for help, willing to consider any form of advice be it good or bad. Most people don’t like self-serving, intrusive, unwanted information and judgement from others about their lives, well neither do I. This resource will be nothing like that. I get so many emails requesting my help that I could spend days just responding to emails. So in the best interest of my work-life balance, I decided to categorize them responding via this online resource.

Here is What I Know

1. People base their problem solving on their knowledge or the lack thereof.

- Yes you can consider asking family and friends —but chances are they know just about as much as you do. And by chance they can help, many are emotionally too close=connected to you or the situation to offer an objective perspective.

2. You might not want to talk to family and friends about every problem.

- Why, because if they are not the source of the problem, they know the source of the problem. And these people remember every detail you share, even after you’ve decided to move past it. This makes holiday get-togethers real awkward for everyone involved.

3. Managing your life well takes more than just good intentions but being intentional about everything you do.

- Not just going through life but growing through life. Taking every experience and learning something that makes you better. “Reflection turns experience into wisdom”. ~Dale C. Bronner

4. Some things you can discuss with people you know and some things require professional assistance. Before asking for their help, ask yourself;

- Do they manage their life well?

- Do they make good decisions about their life?

- Will they keep what you share in confidence?

- Are they telling you what you want to hear or helping you see the facts to resolve the issue?

- Are they able to be unbiased and support whatever decision you make?

Receiving Advice

Why not take your chances on a trained professional and let me be your person. I retired from meddling in the lives of my family and friends, to be available to help people who really want it. I can’t promise you’ll like my response. I can’t promise I’ll always understand the particulars of your complex life. But I can promise to be honest, mostly objective, slightly educational, maybe even humorous. Really, what do you have to lose?

Requesting Advice

Feel safe to submit topics through the contact us page or email. No identifiable information will ever be used. Responses are drafted using a “general theme” to provide helpful information.

Life revolves around the conversations we have with ourselves and the discussions we have with others. To finally answer your question if your submission is soliciting my advice, yes it is. However, the advice I give is not always wanted, but hopefully very helpful.

Grace & Peace

Tina L. Cloud

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