Meet Tina

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Tina L. Cloud LMSW, MSCM is a licensed clinician, registered mediator, academic and healthcare professional. Her expertise includes career counseling, conflict coaching and communication skill development. She enjoys working with diverse populations in corporate, clinical and community based settings.

Tina holds Master’s degrees in Conflict Management and Social Work, which she finds useful in helping frustrated clients overcome barriers to personal fulfillment and personal peace.

In addition to owning a Coaching and Consulting firm, Tina is also the founder of TLC Strategies LLC, a workforce development and dispute resolution company. She passionately helps mid-career professionals push through career plateaus and interpersonal conflict. Tina is best known for helping high-performing professionals navigate the conflict between pursuing career goals and enjoying personal peace. Tina’s clinical insight continues to encourage clients to speak up for the life they really want.

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