I take time to understand your perspective, which helps develop viable solutions that are truly effective and sustainable.


    I share the truth in love. My client relationships are genuine and I'm always honest and transparent with you.


    I treat everyone with a high level of dignity to facilitate open, considerate & confidential conversations with all clients.


    My work is based on researched Social Work principles and grounded in best practice Conflict Management theories,


    I thrive when creating a team approach, working alongside clients and becoming a trusted partner.​


    I'm optimistic & believe positive humor creates a trusting environment where solutions can be explored & goals achieved.



I'm Tina,  a Social Worker, Mediator and Educator using the best of my skills to help the voiceless find value in  what they have to say.  My pursuit to find personal and professional fulfillment lead me on a journey, helping others along the way. ​ I now inspire Gen Xers to face their fears, find their voice and courageously use it  to pursue the life they want.   


At age five I was wide- eyed,  excited about life and stuttered horribly.  My Speech Therapist taught me to embrace my voice and how to use it as a powerful instrument. I now use my instrument to provide strategies and amplify the voices of others confronting the things keeping them from living out loud.

Some results of working with me include: healthy boundaries, assertive communication, balanced priorities,  successful work-life transitions,  enjoying meaningful relationships and connecting boldly with your purpose to flourish in all areas of life.


I would love to work with you on strategies to live a bold, balanced and fulfilled life. Let me help you find fulfillment in the life you're living or the confidence to change it.

It's time for you to UNMUTE, because your voice matters.

Tina L. Cloud

Courageous Communicator & Conflict Coach ​


I'm a natural optimist & curious problem solver who strives to help you find solutions for difficult challenges.

As an award-winning coach, my goal is to help you achieve your personal, professional and relational goals.

I want to help you overcome difficulties and face what's keeping you from thriving.

"Success takes inspiration, courage, innovation, and a push from

an optimistic cheerleader."


I empower audiences to pursue

goals and embrace positive change through story telling.

I activate hope to create new narratives

highlighting how to find purpose

in your journey.

I challenge you to consider new perspectives and new possibilities.

“To enjoy your new truth you have to let go of your old story.”


I thrive at helping organizations increase efficiency and improve workplace culture.

I hold Master’s degrees in Conflict Management & Social Work, which I leverage daily to help clients have difficult discussions with themselves and others. 

I advise individuals to look within, in order to live out loud.

"Transferring knowledge is not a profession but a chance to influence change and inspire possibility."

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