Who might benefit from mediation?

Two or more parties invested in an outcome but need help reaching a mutual decision. This is a really loaded question, but detailed information on the conflict management page might give some clarity on what kind of interpersonal issues could benefit from mediation.

What’s the difference between coaching and counseling?

Unlike therapy, we don’t spend time psychoanalyzing the past. Coaching is solutions-focused. We focus our time and attention on changing things for the better – moving forward from today. The goal is to recognize problems, find solutions, and then put them into practice immediately.

I’ve tried mediation before but the other party does not want to reconcile. Can you still help me?

Yes. Although the other party does not want to participate, we offer Conflict Coaching services. We help to restore relationships, and help you find peace with the ones you can’t. We are not limited to just one method, but several coaching and training methods. This allows us to draw on techniques best suited for your situation and previous success. Often when you change your behavior, people begin to relate to you differently.

I need help with my adult children.

We offer mediation, group/individual coaching and facilitated conversations. Request a "Clarity Call" and once your intake is completed we will discuss he details to identify which service and strategy would work best for your needs.

How long will it take for me to expereince results?

That will be up to you. We customize individual growth plans to cautiously unravel the complexities and provide supportive strategies. We offer strategy sessions, group coaching and individual sessions until you feel confident we're not needed anymore. Our goal is to give you tools to develop your confidence in identifying, managing and resolving problems. We want you confident and self-sufficient to problem solve and living a fulfilled life. We will be here to support you as long as you need us.

What are the range of costs?

We have various investment options available. Based on your assessment evaluation, compatible services will be offered. You will be able to select the investment that meets your needs, budget and commitment. We hope it's a mutual fit but if not we will gladly refer you to receive more appropriate services elsewhere. If you still have questions schedule a "Clarity Call" so we can talk