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Meet  Tina

I'm Tina,  Courageous Communicator, Conflict Strategist, Career Doula, Collaborative Workplace Consultant and Owner of this coaching and consulting firm that offers strategies to amplify your voice and confidently  pursue the life you want.


 In addition to being a creative problem solver,

fifth Golden Girl and lover of sparkly home decor, I find joy challenging GenXers  to live out loud.


No matter if:

  • You're frustrated with untapped potential

  • You've been silenced, unable to use your voice

  • You're at a crossroads with critical life decisions

  • You've lost your sense of identity helping others

  •  You're overwhelmed with sudden life changes

  • You lack patience for draining relationships

  • You're struggling through a career plateau considering a career change

  • Your to-do list is overflowing with  no time for the things you love

Coaching can help you:

  • Get honest about things keeping you from what you want

  • Boldly communicate  with candor and courage

  • Have a healthy balance of  prioritizing self and helping others

  • Explore creative options to maximize your potential

  • Embrace the opportunities that come with change

  • Identify your ability to uniquely add value to the world

  • Successfully navigate the peaks and valleys of life

  • Confidently change your life